Findnsecure Algeofleet

“With the Speed and Idle Alert functionality within the Find'n'Secure solution, we were able to reduce fuel consumption, and ultimately operational costs.”

Solution Results

  • Distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Field Services
  • Retail
  • Public Sector

Algeo FLEET was created in 2007 and has specialized in the management of vehicles and drivers. It markets, deployment and after-sale tracking devices. It is duly authorized to do business after obtaining the approval of the ARPT. The expertise of our team and its interaction with the various economic actors ranging from the very small to large business, allow us to offer you an offer for your needs and assist you throughout the operation of our tracking system and fleet management.


The operation of a positioning system requires the use of an onboard device to locate the position of the vehicle. Concretely, we equip vehicles with a satellite tracking box (GPS). The position will be transmitted to the selected communication mode (GPRS / GSM, satellite) to a platform managed by Algeo FLEET. The customer has secure access to our web platform to locate its vehicles and easily manage its fleet.


1.Live Monitoring
Snail and group monitoring modes, provides live on map with the latest positions and their various parameters like speed, direction etc.
2.Lots of Reports
It comes with lots of commonly required reports. You can even make customized reports in the software.
3.Accounts Hierarchy
Manage your fleets between n-tier hierarchies to grant limited control to management people.
4.Drivers Management
Manage drivers using technologies like RFID or iButton to get the complete outlook on the work and performance of your drivers.
5.History for the whole year
Retrieve reports, movement animations etc. live from the server for the whole year or even more depending on requirements.
6.Mobile Access
Always keep in touch with your fleet using the mobile version of the software available for all the major platforms.


AlgeoFLEET offers you a turnkey solution 'ALGEOTRACK'. This solution will simplify the management, planning and monitoring of your vehicles. A considerable gain in time and money.

In addition to all these advantages associated with operating the system geolocation of Algeo FLEET, the following benefits were received by user:

  • Monitor the behaviour of boxes. RDV organization to diagnose faults and repair as necessary.
  • Real time visualization of the position of your vehicles (ignition on, off).
  • Definition and management of geographic areas (Corridoring and Geofencing).
  • Determination of points of interest (deposits, customers, geographies).
  • Route optimization.
  • Creation of synthetic reports (departure, arrival, average speed).
  • Online consultation reports and possibility to download in different formats.
  • Setup Receive email reports.
  • Alert Management (Input warning / exit from an area, speed limit).
  • Opening and closing the doors sensor.
  • Identification of conductors.