For Resellers

Fleet Management Software

Find''Secure for Resellers is a web based GPS asset tracking solution that you can offer to your customers. It features a full account management portal and same professional tracking abilities which you get in Find'n'Secure for Enterprises version. Find''Secure for Resellers helps you quickly start tracking business at a minimal investment.


Your Own Solution

It is a Web based solution in which you can integrate your custom map as an overlay on Google Maps, if required.
You may use your own GPS tracking devices.


You can rebrand to use your logo and colour schemes and customise Find''Secure for your specific needs.
It has incorporates advanced security features.

Scalable Platform

It can be installed on your servers for complete control, security and privacy and you can create any number of groups and sub-groups.
It is Designed to support thousands of GPS tracking devices.

Getting Started

It has only One-time licensing and there is no recurring monthly costs. You can get the custom tracking solution you need without having to build it. Use the Find''Secure platform to save time, money and provide certainty.

Professional Installation

Want to bring your asset tracking solution in-house, but don't have the expertise? Embarc professional installation services will have you up and running quickly.

Collaborate with Us

Embarc development team may work with you to develop and implement special custom features and enhancements to your
Find''Secure Enterprise solution.

Features & Benefits

Excellent Tracking

Find''Secure for Resellers is a top grade GPS tracking solution. With features not found in other GPS tracking systems, Find''Secure gives an edge to your business.

It includes Real time tracking, monitoring and control from web and mobile with Intuitive and Detailed Reporting.

You can also set Geofence, Speeding, and Panic Alerts as we are having Extensive Supported Device Library.

The Map customisation is also available. The software automatically find nearest vehicle (useful for cab dispatch system or in disaster management system).

Manage Account

Customer management and portal administration features are a core part of Find''Secure automatic vehicle location system.

Each of your customer will feel that they have their own GPS tracking system built just for them.

We also host your solution i.e. there is need of buying hardware or Software.

The user is made within in few minutes and also you can enforce limits on the Number of Devices or Logins per Account.

Very easy to backup and restore you data. The account is expired automatically after a definite period of time.

Your Branding

You may change the look of Find''Secure to match your corporate colours, logo and branding.

This unique GPS tracking system has been designed to be branded from the ground up so that you may market the solution as your own, and offer that same features to your clients.

You can also customise the every aspect of the colours and fonts. The Find''Secure provides the feature to user your own URL's.

Our Creative and Development Team is always available to assist you for your website also.

Integrate Devices

You may add new and varied types of GPS tracking devices to Find''Secure.

This high end GPS positioning system has been designed to be hardware independent, giving you the ultimate flexibility in supporting a wide array of GPS tracking devices.

You may add your own mapping data to Find''Secure or choose from our extensive collection.

This unique vehicle/personal tacking system has been designed to allow new mapping datasets to be integrated where Google Maps does not have street-level coverage of the target area. Our expert team shall be too glad to help you integrate it.