For You

Fleet Management Software

Find''Secure for You web based GPS asset tracking software is the perfect way to track and manage your entire fleet. Available with hardware devices that can be activated in minutes, you can start tracking your fleet tomorrow for as little as $9.95 per month!


Know Where Your Assets Are

Track your assets (cab, bus, truck etc.) in real time review your assets' history by drawing reports of its movements including distance covered, speed, places visited over a given period of time either online or offline mode. View real time movements of your assets on Google Map.

Know What Your Vehicles Are Doing

Alerts on overspeeding, trespassing restricted areas etc. SOS through panic buttons in case of emergency or crisis. Ability to stop vehicle through the web or mobile phone.

Start Tracking Your Assets Today

Fully hosted, No software to buy or install. Track and control your assets over the web or on your mobile from any part of the globe. Ready to use GPS hardware is shipped to start tracking your assets.

Features & Benefits

Track Your Vehicle

The Find''Secure Vehicle Tracker is the easiest and most advanced way to know where your vehicle is at all time and to quickly recover it if it is stolen.

You can track your vehicle location in the map on your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.

You can check if the vehicle is parked or moving on road (along with its speed).

You can also check the trips taken by the vehicle along with stoppages enroute, kilometers travelled and start/ end time of each trip.

Track Loved Ones

1. Want more control of your family?
2. Did your kids make it to their after-school activity?
3. Wish you had more tools to keep loved ones safe?

With Find''Secure, Tracking your loved ones becomes very simple.

You can set geofencing for your home, your kids' school and get notified when your kids leave or reach the school or home.

Get notified if your kids stop at a particular place for more than a defined time.

First Class Tracking

Find''Secure For You is a state of the art GPS tracking solution having features and dynamism not found in any other software.

With its unmatched technology and utilities, Find''Secure give an edge in managing your business in a cost effective manner. It also give intuitive and detailed reporting with an option to create your own desired reports using the API for geofencing, speeding and panic alerts.

Find''Secure has a feature to stop the vehicle on road from web or mobile etc.

Track Your Pets

No more lost dog posters! See the exact location of your pet on the map.

Find''Secure combines accurate GPS location tracking with real time notifications, allowing you to quickly locate your lost pet, rather than waiting for someone to contact you.

We know that the time spent waiting to find a missing pet can be some of the longest and most stressful hours/days of your life. Our goal is to ensure that you never again have to go through that experience.