“With the Speed and Idle Alert functionality within the Find'n'Secure solution, we were able to reduce fuel consumption, and ultimately operational costs.”

Solution Results

  • Distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Field Services
  • Retail
  • Public Sector

MaliaTec has been supporting companies to improve their supply chain efficiencies for over 10 years. It represents Honeywell, Find'n'Secure, Intermec, Extech and Enfora.


MaliaTec, a leading systems integrator in ICT solutions needed a GPS fleet management solution to monitor fuel consumption and driver behaviour. Tracking these metrics was virtually impossible with distribution centres throughout the Lebanon and Iraq with drivers delivering to different types of goods like food and electronic items.


1.Live Monitoring
Snail and group monitoring modes, provides live on map with the latest positions and their various parameters like speed, direction etc.
2.Lots of Reports
It comes with lots of commonly required reports. You can even make customized reports in the software.
3.Accounts Hierarchy
Manage your fleets between n-tier hierarchies to grant limited control to management people.
4.Drivers Management
Manage drivers using technologies like RFID or iButton to get the complete outlook on the work and performance of your drivers.
5.History for the whole year
Retrieve reports, movement animations etc. live from the server for the whole year or even more depending on requirements.
6.Mobile Access
Always keep in touch with your fleet using the mobile version of the software available for all the major platforms.


Maliatec provides a complete Wayfinding Solution from software to Multi Touch screen. It’s a new generation for the digital age; making traditional and static signage obsolete. The interactive user experience speaks for itself, with eye-catching design that captivates, and an intuitive and engaging multi-touch interface that makes wayfinding easy and fun.

Ease the directional frustration from visitors in buildings or on campus Find accurate destinations across a campus, from a wayfinding kiosk or a smartphone to any locations with enough details Promote events, services (available spaces, transportation), and other business right on the map and directory Send wayfinding and promotional information to any smartphone Provide automated onscreen concierge services, such as weather, traffic conditions, and local establishments Allow visitors and tenants to conveniently find their way around the building.

In an industry where efficiency directly impacts the bottom-line, effective, accurate and proficient selling and delivery processes are essential. MaliaTec Mobile Sales application (M-Force) helps companies optimize sales opportunities at the customer level by focusing on generating sales and minimizing sales/returns. M-Force provides access to key product and account information, up-to-date special pricing, loading and merchandising activities.