Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

1 Privacy Inquiries

If you have a question regarding this privacy statement or a concern about our privacy practices, please contact us via information provided on the Conatct us page. Email responses and letter replies will be sent within three business days of receipt.

2 Collection of Information

Find'n'Secure may collect information about you or your vehicle by several different ways: from what you and your vehicle dealer provide to us when you register for Find'n'Secure service or buy or lease your vehicle; when you use the services; from Find'n'Secure web pages you visit; or from calls or emails between us; from our wireless service providers and from your vehicle itself when your Find'n'Secure equipment is active. Information we collect about you includes: contact information (such as name, mailing address, email address, phone number and language preference); credit card and billing information (such as cardholder name, card number and subscription package and Find'n'Secure sms credits purchases); and other personal information that helps us customize our services, such as your requests for emergency assistance or driving directions. The information we get from your vehicle includes things such as data about its speed, etc., about your use of Find'n'Secure services, about where your vehicle is just before and during requests for Find'n'Secure service in your vehicle, and (depending on your Find'n'Secure Equipment) data about accidents involving your vehicle.
Find'n'Secure knows the exact location of your vehicle when a request for service is initiated.
Find'n'Secure may be required to locate a vehicle under compulsion of law i.e., by a valid court or administrative order of competent jurisdiction in criminal or other proceedings.

3 Use of Your Information

Find'n'Secure may use your information to:
(a) provide Find'n'Secure services to you or your vehicler (including sharing that information with roadside assistance providers, emergency service providers, or others, as needed);
(b) check or maintain your Find'n'Secure Equipment;
(c) provide information to the maker of your vehicle about the vehicle's performance and to enable the maker of your vehicle to comply with law;
(d) help you or managers of fleets of vehicles (if your vehicle is part of a fleet) to maintain the vehicle, via data such as oil life, odometer and diagnostic trouble code information;
(e) evaluate and improve our service;
(f) enforce the Find'n'Secure Service Terms and Conditions with you or others;
(g) prevent fraud or misuse of Find'n'Secure service;
(h) comply with legal requirements, valid court orders and exigent circumstances;
(i) protect the rights, property, or safety of yours or others;
(j) offer you new or additional products or services;
(k) confirm your eligibility in vehicle insurance discount programs or
(l) perform market research.

4 Information Sharing

Find'n'Secure may share your contact information, information about your current Find'n'Secure services, your Vehicle's Identification Number (VIN), and information about the use of your vehicle's features with the maker of your vehicle (and its wholly-owned subsidiaries), with vehicle dealers and with our wireless service providers for purposes of offering you products and services. Your information may also be shared with our suppliers for the exclusive purpose of providing services for us.
Your contact information, information about your current Find'n'Secure services and certain information from your vehicle (i.e., odometer reading) may be shared with our business partners exclusively to conduct joint marketing programs with Find'n'Secure or to confirm eligibility in vehicle insurance discount programs. We may also share information with our business partners in other circumstances with your permission. Find'n'Secure will not share any information with other third parties for their independent use without your permission.

5 Additional Find'n'Secure Services Information

Find'n'Secure Websites You may use Find'n'Secure's websites to learn about our services without disclosing any personal information. There are also several opportunities on our websites for you to provide us with information about you, such as your name, mailing address and e-mail address, to request information, enroll in promotional programs or renew or purchase additional Find'n'Secure services.
We may use "cookies" and other tracking devices on our websites. Using cookies on our sites provides benefits to you, such as allowing you to maintain your account login information between visits, or maintaining your session information, such as your vehicle type. The use of cookies also allows us to measure site activity to provide a better user experience. Cookies and other tracking devices may be used to tell us the time and length of your visit, the pages you look at on our site, the site you visited just before coming to ours, and the name of your Internet service provider.
You may elect to refuse cookies. Please refer to your browser's Help instructions to learn more about cookies and how to manage their use.
Our sites may contain links to third party sites not controlled by Find'n'Secure or covered by this privacy statement. We recommend that you check the privacy statement of other sites you visit before providing any personal information.

7 Security of Your Personal Information

Find'n'Secure provides service to your vehicle through wireless networks. Although it is illegal for unauthorized people to intercept your calls, such interceptions of wireless communications can occur.
Find'n'Secure implements and maintains technical, physical, and administrative safeguards to help protect the security and confidentiality of customer information in Find'n'Secure's possession from theft, loss, misuse, improper distribution or alteration. Sensitive information, such as credit card information, is encrypted when submitted through our websites.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Find'n'Secure uses a Personal Identification Number, or PIN, to help identify authorized users of the service in certain situations. You will be asked for your four-digit PIN when requesting Remote Door Unlock, Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance, Remote Horn and Lights and certain account maintenance services. You can change your PIN or add other authorized users of your vehicle on to your account with their own PIN at any time by contacting a Find'n'Secure advisor. To inquire about a forgotten PIN contact us at the given numbers or email us at to obtain your PIN by mail. Find'n'Secure will provide secured services to users who provide the correct PIN.

8 Control of Your Personal Information

You may modify, correct, change, or update your contact information at any time by contacting Embarc. You may also contact us to be placed on our do-not-contact lists (mail, email and telephone) so you won't receive marketing materials from us. You will have to provide your Find'n'Secure PIN as verification before you are placed on the list. If you are a current Find'n'Secure subscriber on this list, you will still receive information about any safety and product recalls and notice regarding automatic renewal or deactivation of your services. Once your name is restricted from contact, you will not receive future marketing offers from Find'n'Secure. However, if you contact us to request information about Find'n'Secure, you will receive information regarding your request, regardless of your contact status.

9 Changes to the Find'n'Secure Privacy Statement

We may change this statement at any time by posting a notice on the Find'n'Secure website. We encourage you to occasionally review this statement to better understand how Find'n'Secure is protecting your information.