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Embarc Information Technology (P) Ltd. is one of the most valued company in the field of GPS Tracking and Fleet Management in the world with partners in more than 90 countries. The company has the vision to become the number one company in the field of security and to provide peace of mind to parents and businesses alike and thereby to make the world a more safer place to live.

Distributed in 90+ countries using 200000+ trackers since it's launch


Our cherished past which brings smile on our face when we reminisce it.

Founded 15th April, 1994

Embarc Information Technology was founded by Mr. Shalendra Bansal, an Electrical Engineer Graduate from regional engineering college Roorkee (now known as IIT Roorkee) on 15th April, 1994 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh (India). The company started its business with the servicing of computers and peripherals.


July 10

Registered As a Pvt. Ltd. Company

Embarc Information Technology was registered as Embarc Information Technology (P) Ltd. on 10th July 1994.

Dec 20

First Milestone

In 1996, Embarc got the distributorship of Wipro Limited for selling the computers of west Uttar Pradesh.
In 1997, the company got the full sales and services for computers and peripherals from Wipro Limited.


Aug 15

Launched Find''Secure The day finally came

On 15th August 2007, so finally the day came when 20 professionals made the software named Find''Secure, which becomes the life changing event of the company. That was the first version of Find''Secure Fleet Management Software.

Aug 16

Establishment of our Head-Office

On 16th August 2007, Company made its head office in Noida.
On 17th November 2007, the Find''Secure got the client, that was Rheydolence from Nigeria. We got the order of 4 trackers from them.

The software was first exported to Orbitrac from Nigeria. The biggest client of the Find''Secure was Nitol, we got the order of 2000 trackers.


July 31

Launched second version of Find''Secure On 31st July 2009 company got the ISO9000:2008 Certification.

In March 2009, Company launches the second version of Find''Secure in CeBIT Conference, Germany.
In March 2011, the 3rd version of Find''Secure was launched in CeBIT Conference, Germany.

March 16

Launched fourth version of Find''Secure With Enhanced Features

In March 2013, the 4th version was launched in CeBIT Conference Germany.


In March 2015, the company will launch the 5th version of Find''Secure and also the first self-made vehicle tracker.

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