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Embarc Information Technology (P) Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified software and hardware company established in 1994 by Shailendra Bansal. It is headquartered in Noida, India and has development centre in Bangalore. Embarc is active in more than 90 Countries. It is engaged in every aspect of software & hardware development for Geo-positioning devices. Our solutions are rugged, technically robust and functionally rich having quality and reliability. People who wish to promote this exciting technology are welcome to join us.

Find''Secure GPS Positioning Software is an extremely advanced complete automatic location and security system. It uses a combination of GPS location technology, wireless communication network and different mapping utilities publicly available to provide accurate location of the object in any part of the globe with ability to completely control the same. Find''Secure Automatic Location System consists of a Find''Secure AL unit, a two way communications link between the tracker and the user and a web based tracking software for tracking, monitoring and control. The communication system is usually a cellular network similar to the one used by your cellular phone.

In order to ensure effective functioning of the features of Find''Secure GPS Vehicle Tracking services, the tracker must be connected properly with the electrical system of the vehicle. The tracker should be connected to the Internet with mobile communication network via GPRS link and also GPS satellite signals to be available & operating under the coverage area of the vehicle.

Find''Secure Automatic Location unit is discreetly kept in pocket (Personal Tracker) or installed inside the vehicle (Vehicle unit). Location data is computed by the unit using signals received from GPS satellite. It processes the location data and transmits it via communication network to the web server and from there it is accessed by the call centre or the user on his PC or mobile phone. The user or the call centre can also control the vehicle from his PC / Mobile phone, if required. This system is of great value to the fleet managers because it enables them to view real time location of the vehicles by looking at the area map on their PC / mobile phone. A fleet manager may also take control of the fleet through geofencing (by demarcating specific geographical area for a vehicle on the computer screen) and if the vehicle violates the defined route, he can stop the vehicle from moving. Information retrieved about the actual operation of the fleet is summarized through system generated reports that should help in improving management decisions for cost reduction and increased profitability of the business.

In case of theft of a vehicle, the options of "Blow horn" and "Open Doors" may be triggered which will attract the attention of passers by. Further, the vehicle will come to a grinding halt by opting the "Engine Block" feature on the computer screen of the software. This way, the vehicle may be saved from theft/robbery.

On the other hand, the personal tracker is of immense help in the personal security of an individual as through it, the actual movements of an individual may be viewed in the area map on a PC / mobile phone.

Main advantages of Find''Secure vehicle tracking system are:

1.   See a moving target (e.g., a car, a bus, a truck, a trailer, a container etc.) real time on internet enabled PC/PDA.
2.   See group of vehicles together on the same screen with position automatically being updated in real time.
3.   Fully automatic and covert solution.
4.   This unique GPS Monitoring System makes recovery of stolen vehicles possible even up to 99%.
5.   Based on true GPS satellite signals.
6.   Works through out the globe where cellular coverage is available.
7.   Ability to overlay custom maps over Google Maps for those areas which currently do not have street level coverage in Google Maps.
8.   Ability to set up Geographical Virtual fence simply by clicking on the map (Automatic alerts are released when the vehicle enters or leaves the geofence).
9.   Lock / unlock doors of the vehicle from computer / mobile.
10. Switch off engine / fuel pump in case of theft.
11. Press panic button in case of emergency for automatic distress message to Call center / mobile.
12. Works even when battery is disconnected (with backup battery provided in the kit).
13. Many useful reports like distance travelled in a day for a given period, over speeding, places visited, vehicle group summary, current fleet status, speed       analysis etc. may be drawn at the click of the mouse.
14. Insurance premium discounts may apply on account of these unique features of our automatic vehicle location system.
15. This GPS device may be installed on any 12V machinery / vehicle.
16. Hardware may be shifted from one vehicle to another with ease.
17. Automatically locates nearest vehicle from a group of vehicles to be deployed to a desired location.
18. Greater number of pickups and deliveries in a day on account of efficient fleet monitoring.
19. Increased on time performance.

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Shailendra Bansal Managing Director

R.C. Mishra Manager (Operations)

Maninder Singh Chief Graphics Designer

Shashank Srivastava Manager Accounts

Ashutosh Singh Technical Analyst

Neeraj Singh Assistant Manager